Sunday, March 1, 2009

Seeing David up close

Trying to take advantage of the time in which the amount of tourists in Florence is slightly lower than in the summer, we decided to try to go to the Uffizi today (I've been in Florence almost a year now, and haven't been!). However, even in March, the line to get in without prebooking tickets was way too long, and so we postponed this visit until some other time. Instead, we wandered over to the Accademia, where there are also long lines in summer, but where we were able to walk right in. The big highlight here is to no surprise, Michelangelo's David, which looks even larger and more impressive here than the copy in Piazza della Signoria. The rest of the museum was pleasant enough, though mostly filled with medieval religious art (think Madonna and Child, and again, and again...). The only other thing worth mentioning is that the museum was filled with American college students. Seems like it's the thing to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon when you're on "study" abroad.

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