Monday, April 21, 2008

Music I've been listening to

Since I haven't brought over my CD collection yet (and will probably have to leave it with my parents in Germany for space reasons), I've been making use of iTunes and my digitized collection. These are some of my recent favorites:
  • The New Pornographers: The Bleeding Heart Show
    I bought this song on iTunes this weekend after reading a review of a show of theirs online. This is one of those songs I keep hitting 'repeat' for. It starts out slow, builds, and is just perfect when Neko Case takes over the vocals.
  • Forro in the Dark: Asa Branca (doesn't work in Italy, unfortunately) introduced me to this song a little over a year ago, and I bought the whole album shortly thereafter. Forro is a northern Brazilian type of music that's been described as a mixture of reggae and polka. Forro in the Dark have updated the sound, replacing the traditional accordion with a flute, and getting some help from David Byrne on this track.
  • Bajofondo Tango Club: Pa' bailar
    This is what Nuevo Tango should sound like: not just a copy of traditional tangos with a techno beat, but a blend of the two styles, and most certainly very danceable.
  • The Shins: Turn on Me
    I got this track for free when it was on Pitchfork's top songs of the year 2007, and got addicted.
  • Damien Jurado: Ohio
    Sounds like Dylan. What more can you say?


Kristine said...

If you like Dylan, you might like Jason Collett. He plays in Broken Social Scene with Feist as well.

Ben said...

Actually, I'm not so much a fan of Dylan as I like people playing his music. I'll definitely check out Jason Collett, though. Oh, and thanks for stopping by on the blog. It's a good thing I found Marc's blog, otherwise I would have never found out about you. :-)