Monday, March 31, 2008

La stanza è piccola

Today I moved. One of the disadvantages, as I found out, about the other apartment was that there were three cats there. Even though I love cats, I seem to have developed a cat hair allergy, so the couple of nights I spent in my room there I had a stuffy nose and woke up every few hours. So on the weekend, in addition to a telephone, I found a new room. The advantages: no cats, private bathroom, and a very central location near the San Lorenzo church. The disadvantages: the room is extremely small, not only lengthwise but also height-wise. Also the bathroom is comical. There's no room for a shower stall, and when you're on the toilet your knees almost hit the sink, but they found room for a bidet. I guess you need to have your priorities straight.
Still, I'm looking forward to finding a more permanent place and moving into that. Hopefully I'll be able to find something soon. I'm sure my parents can help with that when they're here.

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