Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In Firenze

After only a brief two-day stopover in Germany, I flew from Frankfurt to Florence in the afternoon. I checked in online the day before, but when I got on the plane, there was already someone seated in 4D, my seat. After asking the flight attendant, I sat one row back, where there were two free seats, but after phoning someone, she came back and put someone with crutches in that seat and me in 3D, which was in business class. Being a small plane, business class was not much different, though I did get a magazine and a better meal (Caesar's salad instead of a ham and cheese sandwich).
After a little more than an hour, we landed in Florence, and were taken from the plane to the terminal by bus (it's a small airport), even though the distance was maybe 20 m (about 20 yards for the metrically challenged). From there, I took the bus to the train station and then a city bus to the apartment where I had rented a room for a month. I had done this in advance over the internet, since I need a place to stay for a while while I find a more permanent apartment. The transfer there wasn't a problem, though I was carrying two suitcases and a laptop bag. Nevertheless, I made it and met Claudio and Sandro, temporary roommates. They seemed nice enough, though we didn't chat for too long, since I was tired and wanted some internet access (the apartment has wireless).

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