Sunday, February 13, 2011

Things I will miss about Italy

After two and a half years in Florence and a variety of experiences, there are a variety of things that I will miss after moving away, and also some that I certainly won't. In no particular order, and without the claim of completeness, here are things that I will miss about Italy in general and Florence in particular. Things I won't miss will be in an upcoming post.
  • my colleagues, who have become friends
  • being able to visit an incredible variety of museums, churches, ancient cities, and other tourist places on a quick day trip
  • cheap house wine in restaurants
  • Italian food, especially the high quality of food and produce you can buy
  • Grom gelato
  • seasonal specialties: porcini and fresh olive oil in the fall, cavolo nero and cime di rapa in the winter, fava beans in spring, and percoche and other stone fruit in summer
  • (relatively) cheap local and regional public transportation
  • lots of sunshine and clear skies

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