Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Music Recommendations, part 5

  • Lightning Dust: "I Knew"
    This song sounds a bit like glam rock meets folk -- sort of like what Marianne Faithfull would sound like if she were singing Rocky Horror Picture Show. Amber Webber, also of the band Black Mountain, has a voice that is both powerful and incredibly fragile at the same time. While "I Knew" is my favorite song by them, the entire album "Infinite Light" is worth listening to, from the jangly opener "Antonia June" to the apocalyptic "Take It Home" that closes it out.
  • Katzenjammer: "A Bar in Amsterdam"
    Katzenjammer is four Norwegian women who make unclassifiable music, and "A Bar in Amsterdam" is catchy, fun folk-punk-pop.
  • Leonard Cohen: "Live In London"
    He's an icon, and still making fantastic music at age 75 (!). "Live In London" shows him in great form and with arrangements and a backing band that make his songs sound even better than the album version, in some cases.
  • Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros: "Home"
    All Songs Considered loved this band at this year's SXSW, and though they were somewhat disappointed in the album that followed, their songs are still catchy, and uniquely arranged, with a somewhat 70's aesthetic to them. Check out the duet "Home".
  • Dead Man's Bones: "My Body's A Zombie For You"
    Just in time for Halloween, here's a track featuring Ryan Gosling collaborating with the Silverlake Conservatory Childrens Choir. If it sounds strange, that's because it is.


Michael said...

the zombie song is hilarious. I heard the clip on all songs considered, then KEXP made it their song of the day on their podcast.

Kristen said...

We also heard it on All Songs Considered.