Sunday, February 22, 2009

When at Fault

This strikes me as a very Italian argument. If they do something wrong, someone will yell at them, and then they'll just yell back.

For example, while I was on a bus recently, the driver passed a stop people had requested, so they yelled to him about it, and he was like, "basta, basta!" ("enough, enough," with arm motions), and then he stopped. I've also seen something similar to the cartoon happen, where someone pulled out in front of someone else and yelling ensued from both the person who was cut off and the person at fault.

Maybe it's just a city thing. I don't know the difference.


tom zuk said...

Felice Domenica,
Interesting observation on Italian road rage. In good ol USA, someone may just take out a gun and shoot you. Seems like a little yelling back and forth to get it out of your system works much better.

Linda said...

In Puerto Rico, they wouldn't even bother to get out and yell. They'd just plow into each other. Crazy drivers!

Kristen said...

The point was that they don't acknowledge when they've done something wrong.