Monday, December 1, 2008

Messiah Organist on Crack

While on the subject of Christmas music, here's a holiday favorite.

Seen on The Rest is Noise.


Michael said...

In fact, I also pulled these two out of the woodworks last night. Always funny.

Here's my theory: I don't think there's an organ in the piece until those last two chords (though I didn't really listen too closely), so the harpsichordist had to turn 90 degrees to face the organ and play those last two chords which he or she had memorized. However, in the process of turning, he forgot what key the piece was in and guessed wrong. Quite wrong.

Michael said...

Upon closer inspection, the organist is in fact playing through the whole excerpt. My only thought, then, is he had to pull out all the stops (literally) before those last chords and forgot the key of the piece. Or, it was Theloneous Monk and he thought the cadence would sound better with diminished + major 7 chords.

Ben said...

One of the theories I've read about is that there's a "transpose" key on the (electric) keyboard involved somehow. I do hope he didn't ask for his payment for the gig.