Sunday, October 19, 2008

Santa Maria Novella

In addition to being the name of the main train station in Florence, Santa Maria Novella is an old church that we visited today. The weather has been pretty warm the last week or so, and today was another beautiful, sunny fall day, so we took our bikes and rode into town to visit SMN, which we hadn't been to before. Unfortunately, you can't take pictures inside, so I can't illustrate this post, but there were several beautiful frescoes, among others by Lippi and Ghirlandaio, to be seen here, as well as a Holy Trinity by Masaccio, one of the first Renaissance works using the new technique of perspective. Other than that we had (and are having) a nice lazy day, recovering from the busy last few weeks, and soaking up the sun and warm weather while they're still here.


Ofir said...

Hey Ben, we enjoyed reading your blog,it makes us jealous (specially me Karina). Any plans for Christmas??

During thanks giving, We'll be heading to the Dominican Republic to my sister's wedding and then in December we head to Costa Rica for Ofir's sister wedding. We look forward to relaxing a bit in the Caribbean and pacific sun this holiday season.
Saludos Ben and Kristen, hope you guys' are having fun.

Ben said...

Hi guys!
Good to hear from you! Your holiday plans make us quite jealous. That's quite the "stressful" schedule you've got there. :-) We'll be in Germany for Christmas this year, and will hopefully be able to take a quick trip to somewhere like Munich from there.
I hope you're doing well. We're hoping to meet Ilan sometime!