Sunday, June 22, 2008

Notte Bianca

The longest day of the year – what better occasion for an all-night street festival? That’s what happened in the Oltrarno quarter last night. Until around 4am, many of the shops, restaurants, and artisan workshops remained open, and the piazzas were filled with musical acts and street markets. We spent a few hours there walking around, getting some Italian doughnuts, and some free mortadella sandwiches, wine, and gelato. Some of the most interesting places were the skeleton room of the Zoological museum, and the church of Santa Felicita’, which was open and had a much different feeling late in the evening with pop music coming through the door. Since we took the bus, we obviously couldn’t stay until 4 in the morning, but even so it was a fun evening. Since last week, the weather has been quite hot and sunny, and it didn’t really cool down too much. Good for the festival, but I’m already dreading several months of this weather without air conditioning.

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